Seifu was invited to the most expensive steak by Tadias Addis family

You’ll be lucky to eat the priciest steak as part of your weekly meal plan when it comes to premium proteins. One of the best gastronomic experiences out there, in the opinion of many, is biting into a juicy steak. But contrary to popular belief, most steaks aren’t as pricey. The term “steak” describes a wide variety of meat cuts, from the most expensive cuts of beef to far less expensive ones. Some beef varieties, as well as the steaks made from them, are even well-known. You’ve probably heard of the pricey American Angus beef cows as well as the sumptuous Japanese Wagyu and Kobe beef kinds. These meats provide a luscious meat experience that is unmatched. The most expensive steak cuts are determined by both the type of steak and the specific qualities of the meat. The most expensive steak dishes also benefit from knowing how to recognize superb marbling and the right thickness for your T-bone, ribeye, or porterhouse. In addition to the priciest steak cuts, there are additional aspects to take into account while selecting the most expensive steak. Having an understanding of these basic facts can be beneficial whether you are purchasing steak from the grocery store or selecting your fresh cuts at a luxury restaurant.

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