Seifu was pranked by artist Abrar Abido

Caramel apples are a popular treat at summer street fairs and fall fairs, but what if you tweaked the recipe to create ‘caramel onions’ instead? Anyone with a sweet craving won’t think twice before biting into an apple covered in gooey caramel, but as soon as they do, they’ll realise that it’s actually an onion instead of an apple. You need to select a pal who wouldn’t notice such antics for this easy prank. To make it a more convincing prank, change the date on their computer, phone, and bring a day-old newspaper. For this prank, enlist the aid of your friends or coworkers to assist make it plausible. Change your friend’s birthdate on Facebook if you can gain access to their account. They won’t understand why their timeline is inundated with birthday wishes. Invite their friends or relatives to join them in the clowning about. Your pal will be perplexed as to why everyone keeps wishing them a “happy birthday” when there is no need for it.

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