Selam Tesfaye was surprised with a cake and a Champaign

Let your special friend know how much you appreciate him or her for always being there for you. Consider what would make the ideal gift or day for your friend instead of what you would enjoy. Another friend might prefer a thoughtful gift and a quiet evening, while one might adore a surprise trip. Consider what your friend does when she is joyful; that is likely to be what she will enjoy. Inquire about what has been on his or her mind by peeping around. Do they have a destination they’ve been wanting to visit? something they’ve been wanting to treat themselves to? Plan a surprise based on your friend’s hobbies, musical preferences, or other interests. Consider purchasing tickets so that the two of you can attend the concert together if his or her favorite band is coming to town.
Try to picture something that your friend might potentially want but hasn’t mentioned if you can’t think of anything they need or want right away. For instance, if you are aware that your friend enjoys reading, look for a book that she might enjoy—one that she is unlikely to have read. Bring her a treat she enjoys. Combine your knowledge of your friend’s celebration style and wishes into one concept. Here are a few instances: A video of her loved ones praising her or encouraging her to take her next big step in life might be appealing to someone who enjoys speaking. Take your pal on a stress-relieving day excursion to a park or tourist attraction if he appreciates new experiences but has been whining about his stress. When you design her home with a theme inspired by her favorite movie and stay in to watch that movie with her, you may still surprise someone who is happiest on a quiet evening at home.

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