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Don’t forget the little things. Parents naturally feel proud when their son scores a goal or achieves a significant goal. When your child does something small, like help set the table or read a book to her younger sibling, don’t forget to express pride in them and to encourage them. To your child, read a book about your emotions. Describe your pride in a kid’s book or story. After you’ve finished reading the book, tell your child that the pride you experience is exactly like what the book’s characters experience. Play a game together. By engaging in a family activity together, you can show your children how proud you are of them. If your children have been trying to be more physically active, sign the family up for a 1-mile fun run and let them know it’s a reward for the whole family. Hug them. Affectionate displays are always beneficial. A hug not only shows your child you care, but it can also convey your pride in them. Reward your child for the efforts they are making. Recognize that the process itself is a success. Inform your son that you are proud of his efforts in achieving the bigger objective still being worked on. Find a joint activity to do as a means of expressing pride if you want more than just words of support. A great way to show pride is to go to the movies, the park, or the museum. Express your gratitude for having them as children. Make sure your child understands that while you are proud of them for what they accomplish, you are also proud to be their parent.

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