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selam tesfaye with seifu fantahun

Selam Tesfaye is an Ethiopian actress who was born on October 17, 1992. She was regularly cast as the leading lady and star of various films. She is a well-known character in Ethiopian cinema, having won numerous honors, including the Gumma Awards. She played the leading lady in Miguel Llansó’s Crumbs, which was considered as the first Ethiopian science-fiction film. Selam Tesfaye was born in Harar, Ethiopia, at the “Tolay” military camp. She moved to Humera in fourth grade and stayed there till she was eleven years old. She couldn’t speak Amharic when she initially arrived in Addis Ababa. Regardless, she mustered the confidence to study a second language in order to pursue a career as a film actress. She has remarked many times that she “prefers to act in movies” over other artistic endeavors. Selam became well-known in 2013 after starring in the critically praised action drama Sost Maezen (English: Triangle). She’s also appeared in a number of Ethiopian films, including the lead role in Hiwot Bedereja (2014), in which she plays a tortured student. She also appeared in the romantic drama film Lik Negn (2013). Selam also appeared in the 2015 science fiction film Crumbs as Sayat. The first science fiction film produced in Ethiopia has received a lot of positive comments. After her breakout roles in Seba Zetegn (2016) and Yimeches Yarada Lij 2, she became known for her depictions in a variety of romantic drama films, including Seba Zetegn (2016) and Yimeches Yarada Lij 2. (2017). She also acted alongside Kassahun Fesseha in the 2015 comedy Tilefegn. Selam returned to Sost Maezen in 2017, with Sost Maezen, a sequel to Sost Maezen. She also appeared in comedies such as Yabedech Yarada Lij 3 and Atse Mandela during that year. Amanuel Tesfaye and Selam Tesfaye had been dating for a long time and married in 2018. They have a single child together. Her bachelorette party, which she organized during her wedding, drew a number of noteworthy guests. Her mother and she live in Addis Ababa at the moment. Selam received Best Actress at the 9th Addis Music Awards in September 2018 for the film Yabedech Yarada Lij.

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