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Selamawit Yohannes Senay Live Performance

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Capabilities will be given to government representatives beginning one month from now.

The Civil Service Commission reported that it will direct a capability evaluation for government representatives beginning next April.

The evaluation to be directed by the Ethiopian Civil Service University will assume a significant part in delivering skillful and cutthroat staff.

During his visit with ENA, the Commissioner of Civil Service, Bezab Gebreyes, reviewed that different exercises have been done to guarantee the polished skill of the representatives entering government establishments.

He said a typical standard has been set for the evaluation to be utilized by all administration foundations.

He likewise said that it has taken longer than anticipated until satisfactory arrangements are made to evaluate the capabilities of new and existing workers.

He said the current competency evaluation in certain foundations will be remembered for the new appraisal models and organizations that need to give the appraisal in private can likewise contract with the commission.

As per Commissioner Bezabh, in the coming years, the operational and hierarchical holes of government foundations will be analyzed inside and out.

He said there will be foundations that work with similar work and reason.

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