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Semira Mohammed gave her word about the situation

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Semira Mohammed expressed herself as follows: My ears and head hurt, and I’m in a lot of pain “What are you doing under the car, begging? I was beaten by the cops!” – Samira Mohammed, mother After consuming the meal from the Jemo Michael hotel, I was breastfeeding my two-year-old son.

Others fled when the cops arrived. With my baby, I couldn’t run! One of the officers grabbed my backside… He slapped me in the face… They slapped me across the face. They triumphed over me. My head and ears hurt, and I’m in excruciating pain. Why are you begging beneath a car? The cops came after me and banged me up!

I’m alone; life and poverty have caught me off guard. My son’s father is not with me, as a mother of a child! We are Harar’s Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). Two years ago, I relocated to Addis Ababa. We are homeless and live on the streets.

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