Senselet drama actor Tewodros Legesse celebrates his birthday

Even though it was a weekday, we didn’t have a particularly demanding or stressful day’s work. I had access to interesting and unwinding activities. I traveled to a neighboring coffee shop with my husband, Jared, to get my morning joe. We then placed an order for a unique pasta dish for breakfast. To save money for our immediate requirements, we typically prepare our own food at home. But we made an exception this time. After all, it was my special day. I bought some sweets on the way home to give to our kid. We had been really busy at work the last few days. We couldn’t play with her as often as we would have liked even though we work from home. I hoped that by treating her to a treat and playing with her more, we might become closer. I placed an order for a cake from a different small business owner as soon as we got home. Our favorite comic book served as the inspiration for the dessert. A close friend of mine was also selling handmade sausages, so I made plans to get a few packs. Because I am aware of how difficult it is for small businesses to endure the fierce competition, I actually like supporting them. We run a somewhat unheard-of jewelry shop, and Jared and I both suffer from chronic and mental diseases. We know what it’s like to be a little fish in a sea of sharks when it comes to competing against well-known businesses. Our tiny business is fortunate to have devoted customers who ensure its survival. As a means of giving back, I decided to share some of our blessings with other small businesses.

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