serawit fikre and his wife celebrated 20th wedding anniversary

The date of a wedding is commemorated on a wedding anniversary. Some of them have traditional names: fifty years of marriage is referred to as a “golden wedding anniversary,” “golden anniversary,” or “golden wedding.” Since the 1500s, Germanic countries have been commemorating wedding anniversaries with gold or silver. Commercialism in the twentieth century led to more anniversaries being celebrated according to a list of prearranged gifts. For 60th, 65th, and 70th wedding anniversaries, as well as any subsequent wedding anniversaries in Commonwealth realms, one can receive a message from the queen. This is accomplished by submitting an application to Buckingham Palace in the United Kingdom or the Governor-office General’s in other Commonwealth realms. Traditional and modern gifts, as well as traditional flowers, colors, and gemstones, are included in each wedding anniversary. But where do these customs originate? These long-standing customs date back to the Middle Ages, and they were chosen as agents of good fortune and wealth for the wedding. In Australia, the Governor-General can send a letter of congratulations on the 50th and subsequent wedding anniversaries, and the Prime Minister, the federal Opposition leader, local members of both state and federal parliaments, and state governors can also send salutations. However, it wasn’t until the Victorian era that the custom gained widespread acceptance. Contemporary views differ from traditional beliefs in that each gift should be chosen to gradually rise in value as you devote more time in the relationship, serving as a reward for the wife and a celebration of a successful marriage. The American National Retail Jewelers Association released current gift interpretations in 1937, based on this foundation.

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