Shaking Solomon Bogale is like shaking Tsedey bank

A common definition of success is the capacity to realise your life’s objectives, whatever they may be. Success may sometimes be better described as attainment, accomplishment, or advancement. It is a journey rather than a destination that aids in the development of the abilities and assets you need to succeed. Because they are self-created, people’s definitions of success can change based on their circumstances, desires, and ambitions. There are numerous strategies for achieving success in life, but the one that is most effective for you may rely on your definition of success. Your professional objectives and achievements will come first if you define success as performing well at work or earning a large income. While it can be one piece of the puzzle, professional success leaves out many other crucial aspects of life. People may strive for success in their families, their connections with others, their careers, their studies, and their hobbies. Although everyone’s idea of success is different, many people consider it to be being content, joyful, safe, healthy, and loved. There is no one best way to achieve success. What functions for you may not function for someone else.

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