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She accepted my proposal without me kneeling

From the traditional rose petals spelling out “would you marry me?” to popping the question in a hot air balloon, there are countless ways to ask the love of your life to marry you. But it could take some looking to discover the one that suits you and your spouse the best. This list of original marriage proposal ideas will help with that. In this article, we divide some of our favorite concepts into three groups: destination, private, and public. We also provide answers to some frequently asked questions concerning proposals, links to and videos of real-world examples, and advice on what to do next. But before you begin, remember that every couple and relationship is unique, so what works for one couple might not work for the next. For instance, while one individual would relish the idea of getting engaged during the halftime of an NFL game, another may shudder at the concept. However, we’re convinced that you’ll succeed as long as you consider your partner’s personality and go above and beyond to plan a unique and personalized proposal. But keep in mind that these concepts are only the beginning. You are in charge of customizing them. Plan a romantic dinner for two at your house with a personal chef who will prepare your partner’s preferred dish. One of our favorite ways to use this original marriage proposal concept is to have the chef place the ring on the dish for one of the courses. Unbelievably, there are even businesses that focus on this kind of activity.

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