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She came just to compete for best motivational speaker

What do we consider to be success? Is it because we make a lot of money, have a huge house, are married to the county’s sexiest person, or have the quickest automobile on the road? Those most certainly aren’t success indicators. Entrepreneurship and business building require certain skills and a passion for your work. It’s not about unimportant matters. Opportunity and your capacity to discover your ambition are key factors. Show passion. Do everything you can out of love. Why do anything if you don’t love it? We are doing ourselves a disservice if we pursue vocations or remain in positions that aren’t truly our passions. It’s comparable to the IT consultant who ardently desired to take the lead vocal position in a band. I’ve previously talked on love and careers, and I believe the lesson to be learned from this is that if you truly do what YOU want to do, you will be more creative, motivated, tuned-in, and much more likely to be extremely financially and personally prosperous. Never deceive yourself into thinking that success comes from intense labor. And even if you’re performing all the labor-intensive work, you can discover that there is satisfaction in a job well done. But keep in mind that you must rely on people, so be careful to surround yourself with coworkers who value hard work as much as you do. I mean that in a damn good way. Successful people aim for excellence rather than mediocrity. In order to ensure that you’ve realized your full potential, push yourself (and your team). And don’t forget to celebrate your victories because doing so not only boosts team morale but also keeps coworkers motivated and clients or customers satisfied. Get a copy of Good to Great if you haven’t already.

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