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She carries her husband on her back a nd her baby on her chest

Nobody ever said motherhood was easy, but the benefits far outweigh the challenges. Strong mothers raise well-rounded children. Strong mothers are all-rounders, so they ensure that their children grow up to be good people. They will encourage their children to express themselves. A strong mother ensures that communication channels are always open on both sides. Strong mothers ensure that their children’s thought processes develop so that they can grow up to be good decision-makers. Strong mothers raise their children as equals, regardless of whether they are girls or boys. The ability of a mother to live a full life for herself is also a source of strength. Embracing motherhood does not preclude her from having a career. Strong mothers understand the value of independence and strive to instill those qualities in their children. In protecting her child, a strong mother is like a warrior. She’ll make certain that the child is never in danger. Let’s take a look at some powerful mother quotes from her daughter and other members of society.

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