She did even say goodbye when she left

An unexpected group of individuals, or even a big crowd for a special occasion, can appeal to your extrovert acquaintance. If she is an introvert, she might favor one-on-one interactions or receiving a gift that she can use whenever she wants. Make sure the visitors will have a good time as well. Although your friend might enjoy the white water rafting, make sure there is something for everyone to do. If your friend is shy or introverted, make an effort to invite people they know well. If your friend is outgoing, she might not mind if you invite strangers you think she’ll like. Consider mentioning how the two of you met or other common experiences you have had. Add a personal touch to the presentation of a straightforward gift by stacking edible treats into a pyramid, expertly hand-wrapping the present, or including a handwritten note. Pick a fun location to add extra special touches to your surprise. A surprise blanket fort is a kid favorite. Adults may consent to go to a park or a bar where they will be greeted by a special gift or a large group of friends. If you’re giving a gift, hide it somewhere your friend won’t expect it. Enlist the aid of a household member to help you hide the gift where your friend will discover it while going about her daily business. Setup-wise, if you’re really into it, leave a trail of hints. Make sure your friend finds the first hint, and then hold off on the surprise until the very end. Avoid making the scavenger hunt too challenging or you might have to wait a very long time.

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