She fixes her hair with her tooth brush

Doing your edges while arranging your hair is one step that elevates the appearance. The styling of “baby hairs,” which can actually be breaking, gives many looks a smooth finish. Although this step is optional, grooming baby hairs gives your appearance a certain “look,” enabling you to develop a pattern that frames your face and functions almost as an addition to your hairdo. According to a professional, baby hairs are additional, thinner, finer, and shorter hairs that grow near the hairline, says celebrity hairstylist Kiyah Wright to Teen Vogue. Baby hair style is a tradition among Black women in particular. Our parents used toothbrushes to smooth down those small hairs as we were growing up, and as we became older, we wanted to sweep and style baby hairs as easily as we could. The slickness it adds is the finishing touch you frequently seek, and the slicking and swooping give the hairstyle another layer. In the cosmetic industry, using a toothbrush to smooth down baby hairs has long been a hack, but in 2018, Baby Tress was introduced. The Edge Styler® tool Baby Tress makes it easier to arrange edges. “Black and Latinx ladies have been using a toothbrush to set their edges for years. Because we believed that our communities deserved better, we started Baby Tress. According to co-founder Shannon Kennard, “Our goal has always been to improve the underrepresentation of women of color in the beauty business, and we’re here to achieve that by providing them with the resources they need to enhance their beauty rituals.

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