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Raw meat, fish, and eggs may contain food poisoning bacteria that, if consumed, could make you sick. Most food poisoning bacteria can multiply most efficiently between 5 and 63 degrees Celsius, while most bacteria are killed at temperatures above 70 degrees Celsius and can only grow slowly or not at all below 5 degrees Celsius. The majority of cooking techniques, when done correctly, will heat food to a temperature of over 70 oC, so using this temperature for a carefully calculated amount of time (along with proper food preparation and storage procedures) will prevent many food borne illnesses that would otherwise manifest if the raw food was consumed. The primary purpose of eating is to obtain the essential nutrients that various foods provide for healthy body function. Digestion, in which food is broken down in the body into a form that can be easily absorbed, achieves this. However, many of the nutrients present in food are difficult to access before cooking and therefore difficult for the body to digest. For instance, the polysaccharide starch is broken down into its monomer glucose constituents by the digestive enzyme amylase, which is found in the mouth and intestine. Prior to consumption, cooking starch-containing foods (such as cereals and vegetables) starts the polysaccharide’s breakdown, which helps amylase do its job and makes the food’s carbohydrate component easier to digest. The body’s need for nutrition, which depends on consuming essential nutrients for survival, is what primarily drives the desire to eat. The psychological needs of enjoyment and pleasure put a challenge on this basic justification for eating.

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