She has a beautiful heart…I like his personality

It may seem simple to respond to the question “what are you looking for in a relationship partner?” Many people think of qualities like intelligence, kindness, humor, attractiveness, or dependability. No matter what we think we want in a partner, the people we end up choosing don’t always meet our standards for the perfect friend. We don’t always want what we say we want, which is a very simple explanation for this. Sometimes the laws of attraction aren’t impartial. Although we may believe that we are only looking for a partner who complements us positively, we are actually frequently drawn to people who do the opposite. This means that we frequently choose partners who share our emotional baggage. In our adult relationships, we frequently repeat situations and dynamics that have harmed us in the past. We pick partners who conform to negative patterns not because we enjoy them but because they are comfortable for us. Every person carries emotional baggage and flaws. Perfectionism is a pointless pursuit. Instead, you should search for emotional maturity in a partner. This refers to a person who is open to self-reflection, learning about themselves, and current-day development. This particular person ought to be non-reactive in the sense that they deliberate before acting. They resist letting their in-the-moment feelings dictate what they do. They don’t look to you to complete or fix them because they are confident and independent.

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