She has waited for 20 years for me

The timing of relationships is everything. It happens frequently that you want to take a relationship to the next level but your spouse isn’t ready. They might care profoundly about you and have strong feelings for you, and they might even envisage a future with you, but they’re simply not prepared for a major commitment. The answer ultimately depends on your circumstances, although it’s perfectly typical for some people to require longer time than others. Every romantic relationship goes through distinct phases. No two couples have the same definition of love. Every person has a different approach to decide whether they want to commit, thus every relationship can offer a variety of options in the future. Perhaps more time is needed for your spouse to decide if they are prepared for a committed commitment. They might not move as rapidly as you do since they recently ended a long-term relationship or for no other reason than that. By allowing your partner some time to decide, you are demonstrating to them that you value them and that you respect their wishes. When you support your spouse throughout the process, they can see how much you value and respect them.

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