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She is a kid…. many people helped me

Children care more about what their parents do than about how old they are. Children grow and develop successfully when parents raise them in caring, warm, sensitive, responsive, and adaptable ways.
Every parent has difficulties as their kids mature and develop. Both younger parents and more experienced parents face many of the same difficulties. However, teenage parents may face additional difficulties, such as trying to complete their education while caring for a child. You can also feel burdened by the responsibilities of raising a child at such a young age or judged for being a teenage parent. The basis of your child’s health and development is the relationship you establish with them beginning at birth and throughout their early years. Your child will feel safe and comfortable and will have the confidence to study and explore when they have a good relationship with you. You can better understand and meet your child’s needs if you have a good relationship with them. Teenage relationships are frequently fraught with emotional highs and lows. Additionally, having a baby or young child can place additional strain on relationships. For instance, a lack of sleep or time spent with a partner can result in arguments and conflicts. Strong and healthy relationships are beneficial to both parties involved. They may also have an impact on your child’s growth. For instance, if your child observes polite and respectful interactions around them, they will learn to do the same.

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