She is an example to us all…we are proud of her

Make a record of the events and situations that bring you sadness or cynicism in order to enhance your mental and emotional wellness. It’s not just social media that undermines our self-worth. Exists someone in your life who constantly criticizes you? Alternatively you could feel unworthy when a coworker boasts. Maybe there’s a spot in particular that gives you terrible vibes, like browsing an upscale mall store. You can take steps to prevent comparisons once you are aware of the circumstances that are likely to cause you to do so. Social media increases awareness and keeps us informed about friends, family, and current affairs. However, moderation is key, just like with other things. Over-scrolling on social media can be detrimental to our sense of worth, particularly when it involves consuming lifestyle and beauty information. Unfollow accounts that make you feel like you need to measure up to others. After a particular time of day, turn off your phone and refrain from answering every message or comment you get. Consider whether you could use your time on social media in a more beneficial way. Do not compare your “insides” to the “outsides” of other individuals. Nobody can really know what goes on in another person’s life behind closed doors. Everybody is dealing with their own challenges. There is a connection between financial stability and mental wellness. It is a fact, though, that money cannot purchase pleasure.

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