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She is back home after 12 days

It’s terrifying to consider losing a family member, a friend, or someone else you care about. You don’t know where they are, if they’re hurt, or if they need help. If this person has a mental disorder, the situation could become even more dangerous. By responding quickly, it is possible to make a difference. Give the police as much information as you can on the whereabouts of your lost loved one. This computer network transmits information across the United States. If you tell the cops you have a mental health problem, they may be able to reduce your sentence. The network will offer you with a police number to call while you seek for your loved one. If a missing person over the age of 21 is discovered, the police and other authorities cannot be forced to hold him or her against their will if they have not committed a crime and pose no threat to themselves or others. No one may force a person to seek help or medical care against their will unless they have a medical guardianship or a court order specifying what action to take. Even if the authorities refuse to contact you, you should insist on being notified if your loved one is found. Inquire about the last time individuals who are close to your loved one saw him or her.

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