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She is looking for her brother from France

Women’s love and intimacy narratives in marriage migration processes are shifting. The economic and structural inequities of an unequal world affect the ideals of love and intimacy in marriage migration processes. Both the state and marriage migrants use practical characteristics of intimacy as a tactic for identifying and expressing true love and closeness in immigration processes. ‘Materialized testimony of true feelings’ are characterized as evidence of a shared household, as well as shared financial and social aspects of the partnership. The right to marriage migration only applies to real couples, according to Australian regulations. Marriage migration couples must prove to state officials that their romantic relationships are genuine in order to have their petitions approved. This essay looks at how Thai women from non-Western cultures view love and intimacy in the setting of Australian immigration laws. This paper explains how the practical activities of caring and sharing are mobilized as crucial methods for expressing real love and intimacy in marriage migration processes, based on interviews and ethnographic study with 15 Thai women marriage migrants.

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