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she is more than a friend

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I have a friend who frequently disagrees with me. We’ve known one other for a long time. I have faith in him, and he has faith in me. However, we have vastly diverse perspectives on the world. We argue, laugh, and even make fun of each other. We are serious about our points, but we are never serious about dividing ourselves over them. Then there are those who are different. Circumstances force us to interact with one another. We share a lot of interests. We appear to be forming a strong bond. But, all of a sudden, one dispute taints the connection for good. We might keep in touch. We might keep seeing each other. It’s never the same, though. We never actually became close because they see the world differently than I do. Obviously, the context of one’s life is crucial. We frequently form friendships with persons with whom we participate in activities. We go through first grade with our classmates, and some of them become friends for life. As we see our children participate in sports, we become closer to their parents in the stands. We form bonds with persons who are in close proximity to us. Friendships change as life changes. Despite geographical moves, children choosing different routes, or a significant shift in life circumstances, some friendships endure. Friendship is determined less by geography now than at any other period in human history, thanks to technological advancements.
Friendships that last are defined by more than just proximity. The ability to overlook another person’s flaws is a defining trait of a long-lasting friendship.

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