She is not patient at all

What matters is who you kiss as the clock strikes midnight, not who you kiss at the start of the year. Celebrities are experts of relationship drama, as we all know, always breaking up, hooking up, reconciling, and divorcing. However, 2019 has been a very exciting year in terms of celebrity romance, with some major breakups and even more startling hookups. Consider the following: Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande were certainly the most talked-about couple in 2018, but since their split, the Saturday Night Live star has been in three high-profile relationships. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, meantime, have resumed their romance after their divorce left fans reeling and binge-watching The Last Song with tubs of ice cream. The revelation that Zooey was divorcing her husband Jonathan Pechenik, with whom she had two children, was unexpected enough, but the news that she was dating Property Brothers star was even more so. And the cute couple hasn’t been shy about their relationship, sharing Instagram photos, attending his brother J.D.’s wedding, and publicly proclaiming their love after meeting on the set of Carpool Karaoke.

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