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In Ethiopia, people with disabilities are frequently marginalized in society, unable to access education and healthcare, and thus failing to reach their full potential. These obstacles may appear insurmountable to people who live in remote locations or who lack access to medical care. However, we know that these children and people can participate fully in their communities. To make Ethiopia a disability-inclusive society by treating orthopedic disabilities, raising community awareness about disability, and providing mobility aids. In addition, the answer includes ensuring that students with Special Educational Needs have access to high-quality education so that no one is left behind.

Women and men with impairments are capable and eager to contribute to society. Promoting more inclusive societies and employment opportunities for people with disabilities in both developed and developing countries necessitates improved access to basic education, vocational training relevant to labor market needs, and jobs suited to their skills, interests, and abilities, with adaptations as needed. Many communities are increasingly recognizing the importance of removing additional barriers, such as making the physical environment more accessible, giving information in a variety of formats, and fighting stereotypes about persons with disabilities.

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