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she is the strongest woman I have ever seen

Women deserve to be recognized for their significant contributions to society, great victories, and unrivaled bravery. Despite gender disparities in all fields, women continue to prosper and outperform their male counterparts. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best female strength quotes to empower, motivate, and inspire you to keep fighting the good fight. Many ladies have experienced being constrained by others’ expectations or opinions, or being overlooked owing to gender stereotypes at some point in their life. That is not to say that women have shied away from these difficulties. Instead, women have doubled down on their determination and drive to achieve something amazing, sometimes against all obstacles. This may appear to some as preparation for a certain sport with the goal of becoming the best competitor. Others see this as a fight for political change in order to improve the lives of strangers. Others, meanwhile, seek empowerment by embracing difficult seasons and adversity. Regardless of one’s personal circumstances, one thing is certain: women are tough and courageous. These inspirational quotations about powerful women will inspire you no matter where you are in life.

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