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She met with Biniams family


Biniyam ‘Baby’ Shibre was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He showed early athletic ability and was encouraged by his late father to begin martial arts at a young age. However, his athletic ability is not limited to one sport. He has competed in bodybuilding. He also remains active in Circus training which combines acrobatics, gymnastics, and performance art

Biniyam ‘Baby’ Shibre transitioned from Kickboxing to Mixed Martial Arts using techniques from all his diverse athletic pursuits to create a unique personal style. He has fought as a kickboxer in Ethiopia three times. He is a member of United Africa MMA, a federation working on bringing the sport to a wider audience in East Africa.

His first MMA fight was for Revolution Combat Championships in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the USA in the featherweight category. He won by TKO.