“She said no..”my visit to journalist Enatfanta Wibe

A career in journalism can be a good fit if you enjoy learning and have strong writing abilities. Although tough for the weak of heart, this career path is also never boring. As you pursue a career in journalism, you will always be able to find a lead to pursue, and those leads may lead you on some thrilling adventures. A lot of people have idealised perceptions of what journalism is like. They see a reporter running after an ambulance or going to the scene of the crime with a pencil tucked behind their ear. People that are resilient are better able to emotionally withstand trauma, adversity, and hardship. People who are resilient make use of their assets, talents, and skills to overcome obstacles and recover from failures. Relying on unhealthy coping mechanisms (including avoidance, isolation, and self-medication) is more common in those lacking in resilience since they are more prone to feel overwhelmed or powerless. According to one study, patients who had attempted suicide had resilience scale scores that were considerably lower than those of individuals who had never attempted suicide. Stress, setbacks, and tough emotions are common for resilient people, but they manage to overcome them by drawing on their resources and enlisting the aid of their support networks. They are more able to accept and adapt to a circumstance and move on when they are resilient.

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