She sang for her father to show him her love

I frequently get questions about how to raise six kids while still being productive, accomplishing objectives, and changing behaviors. What I actually do, though, is all the productivity-related activities because of my children. My lifelong goal is to be the best father I can be, and although while there are many areas in which I can still grow, I believe that, overall, I’m currently doing a fairly good job. This piece is intended for readers who are just beginning their jobs as dads because I am aware that there are some of you. Always put their best interests first. Do you like to drink or smoke? Guess what, it’s not good for them, and whatever you do sets an example for them. About 18 months ago, I gave up smoking—not for myself, but for my children. Nevertheless, you should keep them in mind as you take care of yourself because you can’t take care of them otherwise. Guard them. Protector is one of your primary responsibilities as a father. You must accomplish this in a variety of methods. Safety is a priority; you should child-proof your home, instill safe practices in them, set an example by wearing a seatbelt, and ensure that children under a specific age and weight use a car seat, among other things. However, having life insurance, car insurance, an emergency fund, and a will are all crucial forms of financial security. Spend any free time you have with them. Frequently, we are worn out and just want to relax when we get home from work. But frequently, this is the only time we get to spend with them during the week, so don’t squander it.

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