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She should live for her child

A daughter’s bond with her father has a tremendous impact on her psychological development. In truth, girls develop a strong sense of self when their fathers are involved in their lives. They have a better understanding of what they want out of life and are more self-assured and confident. Learn why this link is so crucial and how to foster it as soon as your daughter is born.

From the minute your child is born, begin to form a close bond with them. To become involved in your child’s life, take an active role in their care from the beginning. Spending quality time with them early on can enable your relationship grow organically as each day passes and a new milestone is achieved.

To bond with your child, change diapers, love, wash, and feed him or her on a regular basis. It’s also important to support your partner. According to the study, girls develop beliefs and judgments about the men in their lives as early as infancy. You may show your daughter what kind of adult she should trust and confide in in the future, whether at work, school, in friendships, or in partnerships.

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