She thought I was a child because of my height

I may be the smallest employee at Egnyte, but I’m certainly not the quietest or the smallest personality. I talk a lot and loudly, but I mainly enjoy talking about food, amusing movies, my child, and Egnyte. I’m an Account Executive on the West Coast/Finest Coast Small Business Sales team, in case you don’t already know, and I have the best job ever! I get to converse with folks who are eager to improve their quality of life and the productivity of their businesses. Making their day by setting them up with Egnyte and including the fantastic A-Team, who can answer all of their questions and ensure that everything is set up properly, is part of my work. Teamwork is key for me! I adore working in a team environment where coworkers support one another and enjoy themselves. Everyone is extremely encouraging and helpful, and the product is getting more spectacular and cutting-edge each week. I began working with Egnyte two years ago as a Sales Development Rep (the person who makes cold calls to businesses to generate interest and schedule meetings), and I was recently promoted to Account Executive. I’m grateful for the knowledge and experience I gained while working as an SDR, which helped me learn how to work hard, think creatively about who would use Egnyte next, and fight through rejection in order to get the YES! Any one of my family or friends will admit that sales has always been their ideal career for me because I’ve always desired a position that allows me to talk nonstop (I’ll work on the listening part later).

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