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she told me he was her brother

When it comes to lying, there is a very broad spectrum. Telling a little white lie here and there doesn’t make you a bad person, but there is a really broad spectrum when it comes to lying. People lie in relationships to save face, prevent confrontation, defend their egos, protect their image, and simply to avoid hurting their partner’s feelings.
Trying to find out if the lie is intended to protect your partner’s feelings or if you’re just looking out for yourself, Cilona adds, is a good way to identify whether your lie is minor or serious. “Lies that are harmful or break a trust are the lies that produce damage,” he explains. “Healthy lies frequently involve withholding or modifying a truth to protect someone’s feelings or aid someone,” Cilona explains, “the focus is on issues of kindness, etiquette, tact, respect, and consideration.” Pretending you didn’t notice your partner’s enormous zit until they asked you about it is a fantastic example. Having a habit of lying, on the other hand, is bad for your relationship.  warns, “It can ruin it.” “Even tiny ticket lies repeated daily can ruin a relationship,” she adds. Simply put, if you continue to tell your partner falsehoods, whether you believe they are harmless or not, they will lose trust in you.

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