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She took not only my husband but also the money I sent by working in the Arab country

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“My significant other deceived me” the miserable story Ethiopian mother who was undermined by her better half while she was working in an Arab nation to change the existence of her family. Most Ethiopian traveler homegrown laborers to the Gulf nations experience a nerve racking excursion. They are guaranteed alluring compensation by agents who charge an expense. When a lady shows up in the host country, be that as it may, she is deprived of her visa. In a weird country where she doesn’t have the foggiest idea about the language, she ends up without any rights and, again and again, no compensation.

She may be exposed to physical, verbal, by her managers. On the off chance that she figures out how to escape with her life – and not all do – she gets back to destitution, where the financial chances are as yet poor, and where she will discover barely any, administrations to assist her arrangement with the awful experience. For some, ladies like Worqe, religion is a significant flashpoint. Christianity is one of the significant religions in Ethiopia. Between 40 to 45% of Ethiopians have a place with the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, while roughly 45% of the populace is Muslim, as per the U.S. State Department.

Numerous Muslims, nonetheless, guarantee that the genuine rate is higher. Some choose to embrace Muslim names and change the manner in which they dress to fit it, venturing to such an extreme as to wear headscarves in their identification photographs. However, keeping up the trick incurs significant damage and laborers can address a lofty cost on the off chance that they are discovered. “Imagining was not a simple assignment for me, particularly during their fasting period. It made me restless and focused,” Worqe clarified in a meeting. “How might I be a Muslim while thinking nothing about the religion? The specialist disclosed to me I will endure. Be that as it may, I didn’t. My managers discarded me when they discovered I am not,” she said.

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