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She wanted a divorce after seven days…

The days of meeting your spouse after marriage are long gone. Make the most of the time to get to know your companion. Make sure you spend enough time with them to learn about their routines. Your comprehension of how they act around you and with other people will grow deeper the more time you spend together. This will guide your decision for a life partner and lay the groundwork for a fulfilling relationship. The core of a person never changes. You should pay attention to whether he is composed, enraged, domineering, dismissive, passionate, chivalrous, or unconfident. During your interactions, pay close attention to the specifics. Check to see if he solicits your feedback on the venue or menu, how he may act towards you or the wait staff, and how he eats and converses. You don’t have to be a detective to understand how bothersome it can become later in life if you’re married to someone who makes noise while eating. The better your ability to select a suitable life partner will be the more you notice. Additionally, don’t save this until the first meeting because that is when they will behave themselves. Before making a call, look for consistency—or lack thereof—in the way the person acts.

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