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She was attending night school and was hopeful

A general definition of hope is the belief that something positive or unfavorable won’t occur in the future. Hope can be viewed in a variety of ways, such as a feeling, a means of inspiring yourself to take action, or a coping technique for overcoming a particular type of loss. An optimist is someone who “anticipates favorable outcomes, whether serendipitously or via perseverance and effort, and who confident of accomplishing desired goals. Being hopeful makes you an optimist. We are all somewhere along the pessimism to optimism spectrum, and only a small percentage of us are unwavering, glass-half-full believers. Even under the best of circumstances, it’s quite normal to struggle with optimism. Now, however, it’s even harder. Basically, so we won’t feel as wretched and worried about the challenges we experience in life, which are certain to occur occasionally. “Life gets simpler to live if we can face them with the conviction that there is something we can do about them.” In essence, hope might act as a motivator for us to adopt more behaviors that do make life a little simpler. Additionally, engaging in those actions may increase hope. And developing optimism and resilience might be essential to treating the symptoms of mental diseases like depression or anxiety. For example, a persistent sense of helplessness is frequently a defining sign of depression. Fear is one of the motivating forces behind anxiety. In both situations, people are coming to the conclusion that things are beyond their control and won’t work.

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