She went out to play Abebayehosh…reuniting after 30 years

Doing good deeds might enable you to view the world from other people’s perspectives, which is sometimes enjoyable. Your perspective on the world can improve through taking part in online volunteer opportunities, devoting your time to others through organisations like Be My Eyes, or giving people a voice with VocaliD. One advantage of doing good is that it will stick with you forever!
While volunteering, you’ll get new abilities. Even though you won’t be paid for it, volunteering online is a fantastic way to expand your knowledge. For instance, you can transcribe historical records through the Smithsonian Digital Volunteer programme. You are not only teaching future generations about history, but you are also keeping it alive. That is a win-win situation! People are social beings. When we are isolated, we suffer, and when we are a part of a community, we thrive. Altruism is the act of lending a helpful hand to people in need even when doing so costs us something. Humans exhibit altruism from an early age. This suggests that it’s more likely something that’s built into our brains than something we’re necessarily socialised for. According to scientific theory, assisting others was essential to the survival of the human species. This seems counterintuitive when considering evolution. If we are naturally altruistic, shouldn’t it only apply to those who have the same genes as us? That is obviously not the case, as individuals frequently assist strangers despite the danger involved.

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