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Sheik Al-amoudi bought her a house

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Midroc Technology Group, claimed by Sheik Mohammed Alamoudi, an Ethiopian-conceived Saudi Business Tycoon, has chosen to carry out another, rebuilt administration framework, parting the initiative into four significant authoritative extensions and Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), The Reporter has learnt.

In a declaration made on Wednesday, after a shut entryway conversation among the senior initiative, many organizations under the umbrella of Midroc Technology Group were given a direction on how the Group will be revamped into four significant regions, going ahead.

Under the new plan, Sheik Mohammed Alamoudi, Chairman of Midroc Technology Group, has approved Jemal Ahmed, who used to lead the farming portion of the Group, to fill in as CEO to no less than 21 out of the 30 organizations.

When all is said in done, Jemal is liable for the Agriculture, Manufacturing, Commerce and Mining areas, which have bigger activities and colossal income streams out of the multitude of organizations falling under the Midroc Group.

Under Jemal, four agent CEOs have been allocated. Bekele Bulado (PhD), previous Minister of Trade, is currently operational top of the Commerce wing of Midroc Group. Esayas Kebede, previous chief at the Ministry of Agriculture, is entrusted with driving the Agriculture and Agro-handling fragment. Corresponding to Jemal, Abinet Gebremeskel, will lead many organizations including Sheraton Addis Hotel and he will have three appointees. Haile Assegede, then again, is allocated for Midroc Cement and United Auto organizations. Dereje YesusWork is entrusted to lead National Tourist Organization (NTO).

The executive has offered his girl, Rami Alamoudi (PhD), to run the Group for his sake if there should be an occurrence of his nonappearance. Little is thought about the family status of the Sheik and the arrangement of his girl as his nearby subordinate, is a surprising move. For quite a long time, Arega Yirdaw (PhD) was the solitary CEO of Midroc Technology Group until his unexpected acquiescence was reported back in April.

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