Shewit’s message to her husband

Starting at home is the first step in teaching your partner and children the value of helping those who matter to you. Although it is a blessing to have a husband who is supportive, some relationships are not as supportive of the things that are most important to the other person. Learn how to be a supportive wife and how to deal with situations where your husband is not being supportive. It’s wonderful to find someone with whom to share the rest of your life, but it’s even better when they support your goals. I didn’t consider getting married or finding the man of my dreams when I first met my husband. I’d be lying, though, if I said I hadn’t made a list of all the qualities a significant other must possess. We had each been single for more than three years before we met my husband more than seven years ago. We had been preoccupied with our own future. The funny thing about life is that it always finds the best reasons to make you smile. Yes, we have experienced ups and downs, but they have ultimately been for our benefit. Every time things got difficult, we held hands and continued traveling. I will always be grateful that we were able to share some of life’s most priceless moments together. Even though I’m not sure where life will lead us, I do know where it has led us so far. We feel like we can handle anything that comes our way when we work together. We help one another out when we are weak and show love when we are hurt. We are a good match for one another. I work with letters, whereas he uses numbers.

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