Shopping for the new year…

People often take stock of the previous year at the start of a new one and look ahead to the future. The New Year’s holiday is known as Enkutatash in Ethiopia and Eritrea, both of which are located in Africa. Ethiopia is experiencing one of its most uplifting, joyous, heartwarming, and hopeful seasons right now. The history of the Ethiopian New Year goes all the way back to the reign of Queen Sheba. In actuality, the holiday’s name comes from a legend concerning Queen Sheba’s departure from King Solomon and return to Ethiopia. Ethiopians and Eritreans now celebrate Enkutatash all over the world with music, special dinners, get-togethers with relatives, and distinctive customs. Children take on a unique role during the occasion, visiting homes to perform songs and paint pictures in exchange for small presents or cash. Enkutatash, the country’s New Year’s celebration, occurs in September instead of December as you may anticipate because the country uses the Julian calendar system. We have all the information on the history of Enkutatash, why it falls in September, and when people will be celebrating it this year. According to the Ethiopian calendar, Enkutatash, which translates to “gift of jewels,” signifies the end of the wet season and the start of a new year. It is a celebration of rebirth and hope as a result. The countryside is covered in vibrant yellow flowers, signifying a fresh cycle of life and prosperity.

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