Should a girl pursue a guy or not…?

You might think of “chasing” when you hear the word “pursue.” Men should not be pursued by women because everything pursued will flee. Ask a fox, please. Because males need women more than the other way around, women shouldn’t pursue after them. It is entirely different to pursue a man. The word itself is just a linguistic shorthand for a trickier procedure. You should use the meaning of pursue, which is to continue or move forward. contrary to what you have previously been told or even what you have been conditioned to think. Being led by a man who is a leader is acceptable. Consider yourself travelling to a location. To get you where you need to go, you rent a car. While giving the driver directions, you decide around midway through the trip that you are the one who should be driving and go into the front seat, shoving the driver out of the way so that you can take over. This sounds absurd, am I right? But women frequently abuse guys in this way. They grant a man permission to date them, but rather than letting the relationship develop naturally, they take control. To pursue a man, all you have to do is choose the one you like, then go through the process.

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