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should I convert or lose my boy friend

Whether or whether you visit a temple or cathedral on a weekly basis, it’s reasonable to assume that you belong to a spiritual organization. According to a Pew Research Center research from 2014, about 77 percent of respondents identify with a religion. And, while falling in love with someone isn’t contingent on whether they put up a Christmas tree or light a menorah, religious differences may become an issue for some couples down the road. For example, you must decide if your children will attend church with you, with him, or not at all. And there’s always the possibility that he’ll feel left out of your family’s religious holidays. Although many couples work past such challenges, many choose to change to their partner’s religion for those or other reasons. Five women discuss how and why they changed their spiritual affiliation for, with, or because of their romantic partners in this article. Although one would suppose that love transcends all barriers, religion has hampered countless partnerships.
“My husband was an inspiration to me.” When we were still dating, I moved in with him and basically watched him live out his religion. He never pressed me to change, and he didn’t even mention it for two years,” she adds.
He demonstrated it to me. Through his approaches, he inspired me to join his religion. I was convinced by his compassion, cleanliness, and degree of duty. Falling in love is one of the most lovely things that can happen to you. Love can make you feel as though nothing could ever go wrong in your life, whether you’re 21 or 51. When you meet someone who sweeps you off your feet, not everything is going to fall into place flawlessly.

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