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Signs that he is looking else where

Consider yourself to be in a relationship rut? Perhaps the guy you’re dating feels the same way. Occasional boredom is inevitable, but sometimes the problem is permanent, and no amount of effort can rekindle the spark. You used to have many engaging conversations with him, but lately he’s only interested in “k” and “cool.” Receiving one-letter or one-word responses to your texts is extremely frustrating, but if it occurs frequently, it may indicate he’s lost interest. It appears as though he cannot be bothered to type you a message. A broken heart is difficult to mend. If you can relate to this statement, you understand how painful it can be to discover that the person you love is secretly dating another person. If you suspect that your partner’s unusual behaviors are indications that he is seeing someone else, you may need to rely on hints rather than your intuition. There is a possibility that he is in love with someone else, or that it is not what you believe. No longer do phone calls, texts, or even those adorable selfies make it to your phone. Regardless of your relationship status (dating or married), if he no longer has time for you, he may be seeing someone else. You may observe a decline in the number of times he speaks with you and reaches out to you. Even going on dates is now a rare occurrence. This indicates that he may be conversing with another woman.

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