Sima playing his music on Enzert stage

There is a reason why so many gifted and educated performers choose to live a mainly unfulfilling, boring existence selling t-shirts and making coffee. It’s because the opportunity to truly act, transcended in a split second with another actor, might be more fulfilling than having sex. About be clear, I’m not referring to the feeling of getting a job, although that’s also a great feeling. Actors frequently believe that finding an acting role will make them happy, maybe as a result of the dearth of performing opportunities. According to my experience, the majority of acting jobs are just as dull and uninspired as working in a café. Long days spent doing nothing, early mornings, significant travel, and strange beds (for now, it’s often rural Adelaide and the $29 per night Slippery Vale Pub Motel), but the latter two start to seem more enticing when you’re traveling to the Caribbean and sleeping in hotel rooms. But the issue still stands: I don’t love acting for the sake of loving acting. I’ve always attempted to abide by my high school acting teacher’s advice to leave everything at the door before entering the classroom. It makes no difference what may have happened before the director yells “action.” It’s thrilling to be able to get that state where everything else seems unimportant and you are completely absorbed in the now. It’s the sensation of sharing, of traveling somewhere with someone else while letting go of all self-restraint. Letting go.

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