Simple things that might be harming your health

It may not only irritate your friends and coworkers but also be bad for you. Your joints are kept flexible by a fluid substance known as synovial fluid. You pop little bubbles in that fluid, which causes your knuckles to “crack.” If you consistently do it, you run the risk of developing swollen hands and a weakened grip. However, it doesn’t appear to increase your risk of developing arthritis. This can cause infection and harm to your teeth as well as the skin around your nail bed. When you put your fingers, which frequently carry germs, in your mouth, you run the risk of catching more colds and other illnesses. Keeping your nails well-trimmed or manicured can be beneficial. If stress is the possible cause of your habit, you might try managing it with activities like exercise. Consult your doctor if you need assistance quitting. Without enough sleep, you run the risk of developing diabetes, depression, high blood pressure, heart disease, and other conditions, in addition to becoming a zombie during the day. You might also find it more difficult to remember information. Establish a regular sleep schedule and follow it. Additionally, try to get 7-8 hours each night. Normal conversation is about 60 decibels loud, according to decibel measurements of sound. To be safe, it’s best to keep the volume on your headphones below 75 dB (roughly the volume of a vacuum cleaner). Additionally, limit your listening sessions to no more than a few hours. If you spend a lot of time around loud noise, your risk of hearing loss increases with age. By the age of 75, more than half of us experience that. Age-related hearing loss in older people is associated with memory issues and even brain tissue loss.

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