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The systematic research demonstrates that sociocultural, relational, and personal factors all have an impact on emotional connectedness. Through a concept known as intergenerational solidarity, the bonds between adult grandchildren and their grandparents can be strengthened. Intergenerational cooperation goes beyond simply exchanging birthday cards and news. This unity indicates a win-win situation where one party helps the other. Grandchildren may occasionally take on the role of caregiver for their grandparents, showing them how to utilize social media or other communication tools, for instance. For their part, grandparents can share their experiences with them, provide financial assistance, serve as a confidant, offer unwavering support, and show an interest in their worries. According to certain publications, participants’ psychological and social growth was impacted by participants’ emotional proximity. For instance, emotional proximity has an impact on the psychological health of grandchildren, particularly on the coping mechanisms of teenagers. Greater emotional connectedness was linked to decreased emotional symptoms, decreased hyperactivity, and enhanced prosocial behavior in grandchildren, according to a different study. These findings suggest that emotional intimacy between grandparents and grandchildren may have an impact on the wellbeing and positive sentiments of the latter.

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