Singer Addis Legesse has been nominated for big award

Imagine it now. You’re sitting there adjusting the corners of the envelope while gazing up at the host on stage. As the host is ready to reveal the winner of the award your company has submitted, the audience becomes nervous and quiets to a hush. And then it takes place. You hear cheers and applause as your company’s name is announced, and as you approach to receive your trophy, a wave of happiness and relief comes over you. As you lift your reward, the photographer’s dazzling lights briefly cause you to become temporarily blind. You can’t help but smile when you see the photo of yourself holding your prize in the newspaper and online. But you can’t stay too long in your glories. Your phones have been ringing nonstop with well wishes from loyal clients, orders, and fresh inquiries thanks to interested prospects and leads. There is business to be done. We can attest for the effectiveness of an award (or even a nomination) in assisting a business expand because we have written hundreds of award entries for brands, small business owners, and entrepreneurs and seen the effects on their business. If you are THE award-winning company in your industry, who are your audience members more likely to use? Yes, there are a lot of additional elements that consumers may consider, such as product fit and reviews. But given that everything else is roughly equal, having accolades as an additional indicator of reliability greatly improves the reputation of your brand. Awards won or nominations received are a powerful predictor of credibility with potential clients. Businesses that consistently participate and win awards report higher sales and profits than those who don’t. Successful companies enjoy collaborating with other successful companies.

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