Singer Andualem is about to get married

When a long-married couple recounts their love story, they are always able to identify the exact moment when they realised they had discovered “the one.” There are many minor moments leading up to such an incredible insight, but there is undoubtedly that moment of clarity when you realise you would rather be with this person than anybody else in the world. If any of the following describe you, you might want to consider moving your relationship forward. Everyone has those days where all they want to do is curl up in bed and never leave. When you’ve discovered the one, you want them to be aware of all of your aspirations for the future. Even your most impossible fantasies are shared with them since, with them at your side, you genuinely believe you can achieve all of your objectives. When you have someone to support you on your quest, even the silliest childish aspirations become real possibilities.

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