Singer Chelina singing spiritual song for her wedding

The term “to find God” is used by people for a variety of purposes. It can be an adjective used to describe people who have improved their life, purified themselves of vices, or at other times it can be a reference to being spiritual. The Bible teaches that God gave His only Son as a sacrifice to atone for our sins. Since God loved the world so much, he gave his one and only Son, granting eternal life to everyone who trusts in him. Nobody looks for God by themselves. A person’s ability to seek God is a result of His strength. Prayer is the sole channel via which we may tell God that we need to seek Him. To find God is to adhere to the teachings of Jesus as recorded in the Bible. Giving your heart and thoughts to Him means that you are following Him. As stated in the Bible, it also involves receiving the grace of faith through Him. Because you were saved by grace via faith, which is a gift from God and not a result of your own efforts, no one has any reason to take pride in their salvation. Following Him entails pleading with Him for our sins’ pardon. We have transgressed because we are fallible human beings, and in order to follow Jesus and find God, we must repent of all of our sins. Pay attention to yourselves: If your brother offends you, reprimand him; and if he repents, forgive him.

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