Singer Dishita Gina and Dr. Rodas meet on Seifu EBS

Music theory is generally best understood by composers. The more theory they comprehend, the more interesting their music becomes, which is what motivates them to learn it. In addition, composers spend a lot of time experimenting with their instrument to discover new sounds, so over the course of several years, they typically come very close to exploring every possible combination of the 12 notes.
Composing is also a fantastic way to learn new ideas because once you use a new sound or technique in your work, you’ll always remember it. I believe that composing is a key habit of great musicians. If you’ve never written music before, begin simply by sketching out a few quick ideas at the piano. This is one that I really want readers to understand, especially the younger ones. Interviews with contemporary musicians often give the impression that everything comes easily to them. They simply carried out their passions before blowing up. However, very few interviews broach the subject of the hours spent honing their craft or the work that goes on behind the scenes. In an interview, Prince claimed to write a song every day. And I’m sure many other writers also do this. A dance producer by the name of “Breakfast” is another of my favorite musicians. His name was given to him because every morning he would get out of bed and immediately go to his bedroom studio to write music for hours. He would consistently skip breakfast despite his mother constantly yelling at him to “come down for breakfast.” This name appeals to me because it captures the work ethic that all great musicians possess.

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