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Singer Esayas Tamrat ig going to get gift from his fan

Meeting with Esayas Tamrat, a Balageru symbol of optimism and an artist. “The first family collection was made,” remarked craftsman Esayas. The Director pointed out that, in addition to Addis Ababa University (AAU), the country’s oldest institution, there are a number of government-run aid programs, such as manufacturing plants and hospitals that dispose of their waste and other squanders in local areas. Despite the fact that the foundations are habitual offenders, the Director remarked that the idea of administrations they provide makes it difficult to take appropriate steps, such as shutting them down or suspending them temporarily until they redress their misdeeds. “It’s difficult to close a university while a large number of students are permitted to participate in various projects, and it’s also difficult to close emergency clinics while patients are permitted to receive clinical treatment; the commission’s only option is to write an admonition letter to the foundations,” Lemessa explained. The panel also severely rebuked the ruckus and air pollution at Shegole Open Livestock Market, which is endangering the lives of those who live nearby. “We’ve shown that the majority of the children living in the space have upper respiratory troubles as a result of the farmed animals exchanging territory,” Lemessa added. Despite the fact that the legislation requires a domesticated animals market to be located on the outskirts of the city on a 20,000sq.m plot of land, the Shegole market is located within the city and is only 5,000 sq. m in size, surrounded by a densely populated area.

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